‘Tell me who you are and I will tell you what to wear…’

imperméables rouges

A Personal Assessment

Your image is the first non-verbal communication tool.

Weather you are an individual, a company, a man or a woman, we put our skills and our knowledge at your service.

Our detailed knowledge of trends, understanding of the fashion industry and our psychological approach, allows us to easily comprehend who you are and who you want to be to take you to your full potential.

Our aim? To create a seamless balance between your inner being and your outer appearance, harmonizing the two and helping you develop your true, unique style.

Les Gentils PariZiens offer all their clients a first-class service in total confidentiality.

EssayageBecause each person is unique…

You can request to:

• Update your style according to your personal or professional requirements;

• Regain your self confidence;

•Adjust your appearance according to your professional status;

• Advise you for an upcoming event, professional or festive;

We work closely with a network of professionals who are well-known in the hair, beauty and male grooming world, and together, we are able to personalize the service that we are able to offer to all our clients.

The Gentils PariZiens are offering you a range of services that can be for one specific moment or on a regular basis. The choice is yours…

What are self image consulting sessions?

en plein conseilOur self-image coaching follows a methodology that we have established to ensure that you are expressing your true self.

To have an understanding of your requirements, we offer, without commitment from you, a first consultation.

At the end of this mutual meeting, we can process your enhancement based on four well-defined levels.

These levels were created to guide you, to analyze your style, to allow you to be yourself, through personalized advice, we will ask you relevant questions and answer them with the most appropriate answers.

You choose the time to seek our advice and recommendations.

Ideally this service is combined with two half days of personal shopping in order to put into practice our advice and to keep on transforming your new found style. We select especially for you, shops in which we will accompany you to.

We will suggest items to be put aside, things that may interest you but we will not force our choices upon you, it is You who will ultimately decide.

Packages & Prices

Package Trocadéro

Price: Euro 750 inc. VAT

Our basic self image consultancy option without personal shopping.
Based on an initial interview with a four steps coaching at your own rhythm.
Package Trocadéro

Price: Euro 1000 inc. VAT

Our standard self image consultancy option with personal shopping.
Based on an initial interview with a four steps coaching at your own rhythm. In addition to this, we propose a tailored-made two half-days personal shopping trip with pauses in trendy cafés or restaurants.
Shopping additional hours:
€ 100/hr inc. VAT
« Sur-mesure »

Upon request

It is the option for a specific personal or professional event, an official ceremony...
For a wedding, we guide the bride, her future husband, the procession as well as the various guests.
This service is available on request only.
For more information, please contact us: +33 (0) 685 732 096


Les Gentils PariZiens, the best dressers in Paris !!!!
Thomas H. (TV presenter, Paris)
«Burdened by the tasks of everyday life, routine, conventions and the practice of the company in which I « had settled down » for more than twelve years. I was in a period of professional transition when I asked myself, what is my personal image and what’s its impact? Les Gentils Pariziens accompanied me in this process of mental and physical repositioning. Their pragmatic and honest, very professional, empathetic and constructive approach helped me to view myself from a distance. They helped me by changing the perception that I had of myself; they helped me construct a new self-image. In this field, as in many others, small details make the difference. My image evolved, without being too dramatic, by the choice of clothes, colors, forms, that were new and easily assimilated. It’s one thing to change or to want to change, but it’s another to become comfortable in it over time. That’s what Les Gentils Pariziens did for me, so well, that my friends felt a positive difference after working with Stefano and Denise.»
Marc S. (Colombes)
«The 24th may 2011 was one of the best days of my life. I will never forget it. I will never forget Les Gentils Pariziens and what they passed on to me that day and after. For you, this poem: That day, I learned how to look at myself differently, giving up my imaginary defects. That day, I learned to trust myself accepting my doubts and certainties. That day I had so much fun. Today, I am a glowing woman proud of her own new choices. Today, I like myself as I am, thanks to your listening and your support in hard times, thanks to your demand, your kindness and your professionalism, thanks to your energy, your laugh and your freedom. »
Séverine L. (Vincennes)
I chose the Trocadero First Package, and as I am soon 50 years old, I was able to renew my youth. I thought, because of my age, I had to dress very serious… I was wrong! With my new look, I feel a lot of enthusiasm! Thank you les Gentils Pariziens!
Nathalie C. (Paris)