Coaching en Décoration

Design, decoration and space layout are areas that we are highly knowledgeable about, we advise those who dream of living in total harmony with their private or professional residence.

Whether it is to guide you in the selection of items or totally redesigning an apartment (with or without construction work), we are here to advise you. We do the initial designs and present you with drawings, pre-select the colours and suggest the materials as well as the furniture and decorative items.

We work with a talented group of craftsmen and a network of organizations who have been selected for their passion and professionalism. Concerning the monitoring of big construction work, we collaborate with experienced architects.

This service includes personal shopping sessions.

We pre-select the shops to which we accompany you to, to choose furniture and items that compliment your new decoration. The Gentils PariZiens are experts in offering you a range of choice. After our advice, the decision will always rest with our clients whether or not to make any purchase.

What are interior design consulting sessions ?


Our initial meeting takes place in the space you wish to make-over, there we listen to your demands and desires.

We write down what the improvements will be in order to give you a proper estimate.

After we considered the best way to combine your desires with the technique and your budget, we give you our suggestions and recommendations written on a plan with drawings and photographs.

Once you agree with the steps, we draw up a list of professional trades and craftsmen. That is to say, the selection of craftsmen, the shopping and the construction work launch. We oversee the process every step of the way, leaving the final decisions up to you.

Packages & Prices

Interior design consulting

Upon request only

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I reached out to Stefano while going through a transitional period in my life so that he could help me redecorate my living room and my bedroom, which I had grown tired of. His diagnosis, the relevance of his advise and the efficiency of his research resulted, within less than one month, in a complete transformation of my home. The transformation composed of little touches of color, subtle details (it’s his key word), and decorative references without changing the furniture nor repainting the rooms. Now, my house looks and feels like me. It feels right. Furthermore, Stefano’s kindness, his delightful personality and his infectiously positive attitude made those moments we shared a real delight, resulting in a huge smile on my face and the desire to continue improving my home. If I could offer you one piece of advise, it would be to reach out to Stefano, the person who remains the most efficient and pleasant remedy for weariness.
Nathalie T. (Saint Cloud)
We always lived in Lyon, but for professional reasons we were pushed to move into a one bedroom Parisian apartment. With the lack of time, the disinterest of the city and the furniture stores were serious down points… But Les Gentils Pariziens were there. Stefano was a great listener and understood perfectly what we needed. He proposed products, which we chose and that matched with what we wanted. The assembly of our apartment was very quick; it’s such a pleasure to return every evening to an apartment in which we feel good.
Lorraine & Mathieu G. (Paris)